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Information for Mentors

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What am I expected to do?  Mentors are looking to support others through their journey with either kidney disease or living donation. Mentors are expected to complete a comprehensive training which will take in total, approximately 3 hours to complete. This training can be done during the times that are most convenient to you through our self-paced online learning platform. Mentors will also sign up for a 1.5 hour live training session through zoom.
    • Mentors are expected to listen to their mentees questions, share their stories and personal experiences, and 
    • Mentors are expected to provide their mentee with about one - two hours of support and interaction per month. Most of this interaction will take place via phone, but you and your mentee can also decide if you feel comfortable exchanging personal email addresses.
    • Mentors should work with their mentee to determine what kind of support will be most useful—answering questions and sharing personal experiences, sharing resources, goal setting and continued accountability.
  • How long will the commitment be? We ask our mentors to make commitments of connections at least monthly with your mentee. Each mentee's needs may be different, and you and your mentee should come to a mutual agreement of frequency and duration of contact. If additional needs arise, you and your mentee can always discuss adjusting your contact frequency. If you as a mentor must leave the relationship for any reason, please notify the Program Admin as soon as possible to help find a replacement mentor.
  • Relationship is not going well or I am concerned about mentorship, what to do?  We encourage you to discuss with the Admin to get guidance and support for next steps. Mentoring relationships may need additional support throughout, or may need to be re-matched. Program Admin can help.

Mentor DO's

  2. Take responsibility to initiate the relationship.
  3. Set aside time for the mentoring process and honor all appointments.
  4. Invite the mentee to meetings or activities, as appropriate. Schedule meetings with planned topics.
  5. Be flexible on meeting times and places.
  6. Arrange frequent contacts through telephone, email, or text, as you feel comfortable.
  7. Respond to emails from your mentee within 2 days of receipt.
  8. Keep information that your mentee has shared with you confidential. If something concerning the mentee needs to be discussed with others, it should first be discussed within the mentoring relationship.
  9. Establish open and honest communication and a forum for idea exchange.
  10. Foster creativity and independence. Help build self-confidence and offer encouragement.
  11. Provide honest and timely feedback to your mentee.
  12. Provide opportunities for the mentee to talk about concerns and ask questions.
  13. Above all, LISTEN.

Mentor DON'Ts

  1. Try to give advice on everything.
  2. Encourage mentee to be totally dependent upon you.
  3. Provide your personal problems, animosities, successes, failures, etc unless they are constructive contributions.
  4. Be too busy when the mentee needs your support. If you do not have time, give the mentee a heads up, so that they know when they can reach you.
  5. Criticize.
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