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Whether you’re new to the journey of finding a kidney donor or have been on the waitlist for what feels like forever, sharing your personal story is the best way to let people know about the chance to become a living donor. 

In this program, trained transplant recipients (“Patient Navigators”) help those who are searching for a living donor create a story or message about their need for transplant.  

Help others tell their story

As a transplant recipient, you understand the importance of letting friends, family, and even people who you don’t know, learn about your health and the possibility of donation. When you volunteer to help as a Patient Navigator, you will be trained to help others tell a story with the goal of finding a living donor.  

Get help telling your story

There’s no better way to feel more comfortable about making the decision to share your story than with help from a transplant recipient who has been there. By joining this free program, a transplant recipient will be your “Patient Navigator” and will help guide you in writing a story and building a plan to share it. 

Thank you to the National Kidney Foundation for education, preparation and support in aiding me to communicate my story and find a living donor. I am forever grateful for the insight and tools provided.- Jeff, kidney transplant recipient

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